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What methodology do you follow to develop solutions? And how can I track my progress?2024-05-03T15:20:53+07:00

We follow an Agile methodology and once we start working on your project. We’ll keep you informed and update you on everything that’s going on regularly. Thanks to our project management strategy, communication is smooth.

I have the project requirements ready. Can your team inspect and quote for us?2024-05-03T15:20:56+07:00

certain. Email us about your requirements. or send information through our web page We will contact you back with a quotation.

Are your Zoho CRM consulting services free?2024-05-03T15:20:59+07:00

There is no charge. in counseling

Do I need to provide a deposit for the rental?2023-01-30T17:27:50+07:00

Using documents such as a company certification letter or Form Por.Por. 20 as supporting evidence for computer rental is sufficient, and there is no need to place a deposit.

Can additional programs be installed on the rental device?2023-01-30T17:27:10+07:00

You can install other necessary programs by yourself, or if you want us to handle it, please let us know so that we can assess additional service charges. (Installed programs must be legitimate and licensed.)

Want to rent a computer? What must I do?2023-01-30T17:26:29+07:00

Please provide the model/specifications, quantity of computers, and the rental duration in “daily”, “weekly”, and “monthly” formats for an initial cost assessment. The rental computers will come with licensed Windows 10, MS Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and Eset antivirus software pre-installed and ready for use.

Moving and installing equipment2023-01-30T17:26:05+07:00

AquaOrange provides relocation services, including equipment installation and network setup, to ensure readiness for use at the designated location, with the option for retrieval after use.

If your computer has a problem while using it, what are the guidelines for ThaiPC Support?2023-01-30T17:25:31+07:00

We will have backup machines installed at the rented location at a ratio of 1:10 (meaning for every 10 rented machines, there will be 1 backup machine provided). Additionally, our IT staff will be available to maintain and troubleshoot any issues, ensuring smooth operations without disruption to your work.

Are there IT staff to take care of problems during use throughout the day?2023-01-30T17:24:30+07:00

ThaiPC Support will be responsible for the delivery, relocation, installation (including quality assurance checks to ensure the machines are ready for use), and retrieval of the rented equipment only. If the customer requires IT staff to assist with day-to-day operations, please notify us so that we can assess additional service charges.

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