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6 February 2024
Table of Contents

Dealing with a lot of information and being irrational Because information has been filled in by many people. It may cause the information entered to be inaccurate. and can be inaccurate. If there is Google Workspace in this part of the data management system, it will make the work flow work systematically. More organized Google Workspace is a set of applications that help increase work efficiency. Working together with Google’s cloud system, it brings together a comprehensive set of tools for businesses that can be used to improve operations. improve communication and increase productivity

But many people probably wonder if Google Workspace is Google, but in reality, there are differences. Google Workspace is a service used for organizations, where Google provides individual services such as gmail and drives. If you start using Google Workspace, it will be like one big bucket that collects all these applications together. But the middle one is medium sized. And large scale companies have to resort to using one platform. Can manage files Manage work schedule and a large database together

From the point of view of business owners, they benefit greatly from using Google Workspace, whether it be working with employees in real time, a central storage area for each project, which for the central storage area. of Google, including easy file sharing via Drive, improving work processes and guarantees access to important information as well

Popular reliable communication tools such as Gmail and Meet are very easy for users to connect to. Without having to worry about information being leaked outside the organization. Because in the matter of PDPA , Google has quite strict measures. Regular operating system updates including comprehensive support regarding the system Helps business owners gain a lot of confidence in Google Workspace.

The gears of your business: Google Workspace organizes your data more organizedly

When starting to use Google Workspace, the price for your organization will be another one that enters the ranks of leaders in that industry because of good database system management. The first ranking is The organization uses email addresses that belong to the company’s domain to create credibility. and confidence for customers as well In addition, in the matter of managing a systematic data collection system. Regulations make administration Management within the organization is smooth. And organizations that choose this system into their organization accept the matter of organizational development in a better direction. It is a part of the cogs of the business that is an indispensable puzzle.

At its heart, Google Workspace is a suite of familiar cloud-based apps that are integrated into the modern workplace. Google Workspace’s popular tools include Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, and Meet, all of which help teams across organizations connect and work together. and create work flexibly and have maximum efficiency no matter where you work Because some organizations may not work in the same location, they will still be able to work together as fluidly as ever.

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The potential of Google Workspace for the sustainability of agile organizations

Regarding requesting a comprehensive Google Workspace suite, it will include:

Email communication has been reinvented for efficiency, collaboration, and the use of corporate email domains to build trust. and flexibility in sending information within and outside the organization

It is another solution for managing secure cloud data storage. and effective The size of the drive must be reasonably large. Because some organizations have file information in many folders, which is also an important company database, it requires organized drive management. to maintain data in a single repository Make it possible for people who want to share such information Can find information more easily

video conference and working together to have the highest quality in connection For organizations that have regular online meetings or remote online meetings with executives in other provinces It is easy to connect abroad.

Scheduling matters and managing various events more smoothly Managing teammates’ vacation arrangements Internal meeting schedule and outside the organization Including various Sharing Knowledge tables that teams and organizations organize. Google Workspace for Education is another application that is popular for educational institutions to use. in being a teaching media and organized for studying, which can be connected to Calendar as well so that the class schedule can be clearly seen

Chat in real time so that organizations can use a platform to communicate within a single platform. To make it easier to communicate and prevent sending of company information to other platforms

Brianstrom is a digital whiteboard for teams or clients to organize ideas in an interactive way.

Docs / Sheets / Slides
It is an important tool for office workers. The most useful tools Creating work that can work together, whether it’s collaborative writing. collaborative editing Make work efficient and work together on the same piece easily

It’s like an online notepad that can be shared with others.

website creation and working together easily

Creating various survey forms that are easy and quick to create, which can be customized in a variety of formats to suit the type of use.

It is part of developing applications without having to write complicated code.

Google Workspace Business Starter
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