Revealing interesting tips for using Google Slides for businesses.

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Tips for using Google Slides for businesses
22 April 2024
Table of Contents

Google Slides is a popular online presentation creation tool. It makes it easy to create beautiful and effective presentations. Via web browser without using additional programs or additional software With the ability to create slides, add images, videos, and more, and share presentations with others you can collaborate online. This is a free service available through the user’s Google Account and has the ability to work in real time with other users. comfortably

Interesting tips for using Google Slides

  1. Plenty of templates to choose from : Google Slides has templates with beautiful, professional formatting and layout. You can use these templates to help your presentations look interesting and stand out.
  2. Able to use images and animations : Add interest to your presentations by using images and animations. Import images or video from Google Drive, the web, or your mobile device to make your presentations dynamic and impactful.
  3. Can connect to Address Online : Can connect to online resources such as Google Sheets to display data and statistics in your presentations in an experiential way.
  4. Compatible with Google and other applications : In addition to Google Sheets, you can import content from Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Maps, and other Google Workspace applications to add variety and richness to your presentations. you
  5. You can choose the format of the message and presentation that is appropriate for the job : You should choose the format of the message that is appropriate and beautiful, such as using an appropriate font size, changing the color of the text, increasing spacing or aligning the text. appropriately
  6. Able to try out new functions and features : Google Slides is a tool that is always advancing. Try new functions and features To increase work efficiency and make your presentations look more lively
  7. Using sharing and collaboration: Use the sharing and collaboration functions to work with others at the same time. Comments and stack shows can also be used at the same time to make meetings or teaching more efficient.
  8. Creating a link or QR code : Create a link or QR code to view a presentation online. These links or QR codes can also be easily shared with viewers or attendees.

How to use Google Slides in business?

  1. Convenient and accessible anywhere, anytime : Can be used via a web browser. Make it accessible and usable anywhere, anytime. No additional programs or software required. This makes it ideal for work that requires convenience and quick access.
  2. Easily Collaborate : Easily share with relevant teams or individuals. This makes it possible to collaborate and edit tasks efficiently.
  3. Has complete features Make your business more convenient : Google Slides has tools and features that help your presentations look beautiful and interesting, such as templates, adding images and videos, using colors and text formats, etc.
  4. Able to work in real time : Able to collaborate with others and view changes in work at the same time in real time. Make presentations effective
  5. Data security : There is a reliable security system. To manage data and send information through the system
  6. Fast and economical : Reduces the time it takes to create and share presentations. It also saves on the cost of purchasing additional software or special equipment for making presentations.

Therefore, Google Slides is a powerful and versatile tool suitable for use by businesses and organizations. Either in creating presentations within the organization or communicating with customers.

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