AI technology, the main helper in every field of work.

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5 February 2024

During a time when the economy is sluggish When talking about many organizations that have had to reduce the number of employees by up to 50% and are beginning to take advantage of AI technology, which can play a role in helping solve problems. and can answer almost every problem from hiring multiple people to do work Using AI technology, it may be possible to make work more efficient. and faster Tools to help with work include AI technology as an assistant. It can truly be said to be the main helper in every line of work.

Nowadays, AI technology plays a major role in every line of work like this. There may be a direct impact on the company’s employees. But if you look at it from another angle, it might be a good thing that helps in getting the job done faster. The beginning of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology, these two things are causing changes in many industries, whether it be the automobile industry medical industry and marketing industry Unlocking the original format that makes the work or slow production But when starting to use AI technology, results were 2 times faster.

The development of AI technology is continuous. All-round intelligence is required.

Continuous development of AI technology by researchers and developers Software that can help solve problems and meets the needs of most users like chat gpt which comes into play. Which no matter what you ask, I can answer every matter. The ingenuity of AI technology. In which industries has AI technology been used and life has improved noticeably?

In the healthcare industry, AI technology has become like legs and arms. It is an important organ of this industry. AI and ML algorithms help in analyzing a lot of patient data. To make an accurate diagnosis which is for individual treatment plans Starting from the detection of various diseases, such as detecting cancer cells in the human body from the initial stages to the treatment process. including surgery

financial industry AI technology is also being used to detect fraudulent financial transactions. Analyze credit risk assessments. The use of Chatbots in customer service is considered to be one of the first industries to begin using chatbots in customer service management. It is AI technology that is like a financial advisor. The main duty is to provide personal financial advice. process improvement Optimizing customer satisfaction It is a solution that can solve problems. and improve customer service very well

transportation industry What is obvious is the matter of using a set of commands in a ready-made software system. So that the driving of the vehicle is automatic. Navigation system development Increase the efficiency of the traffic system

entertainment industry Nowadays, most people use the social media platform tiktok as number one. Video content and live broadcasts have more influence on purchasing decisions. However, with the capabilities of AI technology, it can support the graphics line very well. Video and audio editing

The marketing industry may cause the online marketing line to have a lower employment rate because AI is able to analyze enormous amounts of customer data very well. For businesses that have marketing campaigns Product and product recommendations Knowing the experiences of customers who are loyal to the brand or understanding that Brand Loyalty is finding a way for customer groups. Or the target group is more involved in the advertising campaign.

Cyber ​​security is another area of ​​work where the IT field must directly use AI technology, detecting malicious behavior, abnormalities, and protecting breached data. With the growing problem of cyber threats, AI algorithms with specialized instructions will help in increasing security in this area. Because personal information stolen over the internet continues to increase.

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Conquer AI technology. Don’t let artificial intelligence answer more than your own ideas.

The potential of AI and ML technology is wide. And while artificial intelligence technology has progressed very far and is continuously developed One thing that AI technology may still not be able to answer. Or being able to replace humans 100% is processing it into a language that is easy to understand. The invention of researchers and developers has discovered the combination of robots and AI and combined with emerging technologies called IoT and Big Data. No matter how far the technology goes, But you must also give importance to the ideas you create yourself. For writing, you can use chat gpt or google bard to find ways to write. but with a unique ability in terms of creativity This group of work still requires physical strength. The human spirit in writing is the main focus.

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