What is Zoom? มีประโยชน์ต่อธุรกิจอย่างไร

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What is ZOOM
6 March 2024
Table of Contents

For those who want to use a professional video conferencing program, Zoom is one of the best options available today. Especially at a time when the demand for remote meetings or communication continues to increase. Since the COVID-19 situation That makes remote work, work from home, or flexible hybrid work styles popular.

Zoom is a program developed by Zoom Video Communications Inc. It is a company that is famous for providing high-quality and easy-to-use Video Conference services. Whether it’s a business meeting or just about any online meeting, Zoom has gained widespread popularity in the recent period.

What are the benefits of Zoom video conferencing in terms of business use?

1. Save time and money

Using Zoom reduces traveling to different locations for meetings. This will save time and travel expenses. This allows us to spend more time on important tasks.

2. Convenient and close to each other

We can meet anywhere, anytime. Whether at home, at the office, or anywhere else. We can realistically have virtual meetings in close proximity to each other.

3. Feeling like you are right now

Using Zoom for virtual meetings It allows us to clearly recognize and understand the feelings of others. Whether it is the feelings of employees or customers. We can clearly see or hear the opinions of others.

4. Security and Privacy

High quality security system So we don’t have to worry about personal information or eavesdropping from outsiders. This gives us the confidence to meet and communicate via Zoom.

Zoom with new features that you never knew about

For those who use Zoom as an online meeting and remote communication tool Many people will know the common features that are popular. But in reality, Zoom has many interesting and useful features that you may not have known before:

Virtual Background

Virtual Background

One of Zoom’s more interesting features is “Virtual Background, ” which lets you change the background of your online meeting. Instead of showing an extraneous background You can use any images or videos you want to make your meeting more colorful and interesting. Whether it’s a business meeting or online teaching. This feature will help you create the right and interesting atmosphere for your attendees.

Gallery View

Gallery View

Another interesting feature is the “Gallery View” that allows you to see images of all meeting participants on one screen. No matter how many people participate. This feature allows you to clearly see and track your meetings. And it makes you feel like you’re meeting real people. Whether it’s a business meeting or online teaching. You can connect and build close relationships with attendees.

Breakout Rooms

Breakout Rooms

There’s also a “Breakout Rooms” feature that lets you divide attendees into smaller groups. This can be used for work that needs to create a space for conversation or specific activities. This feature helps you manage and control meetings efficiently. and is useful for group work

Therefore, if anyone has never tried using these features of Zoom, we recommend that you try them out and discover new experiences. Challenging and interesting These features will help provide a better meeting and communication experience.

If you want to know more about these features,
See additional information and instructions for use.

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