AquaOrange Software is a Zoho partner. We study customer CRM implementation needs and help small, medium and large companies quickly deploy Zoho in their companies and transform them. To run your entire business on Zoho Applications

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Survey and plan business processes and customer needs​

Because Zoho has many services to choose from. Therefore, we must survey and plan the needs of users. To choose Zoho appropriately and to the point that customers want

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Installation, configuration, use​

Set up Zoho to suit your customers’ needs. Configure various functions to customers to suit the business for which the data has been collected



Customize Zoho according to your plan and further customization if the customer wishes to modify the tire parts

research zoho crm
setup Zoho CRM

Training and practical use

Organize training on how to use the Zoho system both inside and outside the customer’s premises or online. Complete with a manual that is easy to understand and can actually be used.


Post-use support

We are happy to provide service after use. Whether it’s a problem in use or in the system, so you can be sure that Your team will use Zoho correctly. and according to plan

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