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Run your activities smarter and better.

Zoho Backstage is event management software that empowers event organizers to plan and execute meetings, conferences, and product launches more efficiently and with greater impact.

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Presenting experiences from outstanding activities

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Create a strong digital presence with
Zoho Backstage

Create an impressive multilingual website and mobile apps for your events are just a few clicks away. Choose from pre-made themes and templates that are ready to use in minutes. Instead of having to take several days


Create great results too.
Zoho Backstage

Promote your event by embedding your event page on websites and blogs. Create banners for social media promotions without design experience.

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It helps to be confident in registering as well.
Zoho Backstage

A successful event depends on the participants. Make it easy for people to register and give advice via email on how to join the activity Take control of ticket sales and receive payments instantly.