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Discover the magic of modern learning with AquaOrange, your trusted Zoom reseller in Thailand. Whether your classroom is physical, virtual, or hybrid, Zoom provides the flexibility and connectivity you need to transform education.

    Why Choose Aquaorange X Zoom?

    Flexible learning


    Adapt seamlessly to in-person, virtual, or hybrid classes.

    Enhance connect

    Enhanced Connectivity

    Connect schools and campuses effortlessly for a safe return to in-person
    and hybrid education.

    Comprehensive Support

    Comprehensive support

    Facilitate staff meetings, professional development, office hours, and
    and student services.

    At AquaOrange we believe learning should happen everywhere.
    Elevate your educational experience today with our Zoom solutions.

    Zoom Education Top – Features

    Host 300

    Host up to 300 Participants for Large-scale Engagement:

    With the capability to host up to 300 participants per meeting, Zoom is an ideal platform for conducting large classes, facilitating team collaborations, and hosting webinars with ease and efficiency.

    co working online whiteboard

    Limitless Whiteboard Collaboration for creativity:

    Empower creativity and encouragement with Zoom’s unlimited whiteboard feature, allowing educators to inspire students through dynamic and interactive learning experiences.

    team chat

    Seamless Communication with team chat:

    Zoom’s centralized team chat platform fosters real-time communication and collaboration, keeping everyone connected and aligned towards common goals.

    streamline schedule

    Streamline scheduling with Mail and calender Integration:

    Zoom integrates seamlessly with email and calendar applications, ensuring smooth coordination and communication for all participants.


    Secure Cloud Storage for Essential Resources:

    Access 1GB of secure cloud storage per license with Zoom. Educators can safely store and share files, presentations, and recordings, ensuring seamless collaboration and access to essential resources anytime, anywhere.

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    All of our employees are fully ZOOM certified.

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    ZOOM VS Aquaorange

    Price & Package

    Main features Zoom Education
    (Minimum 20 License)
    Service fee per month/User 280
    Service fee per year / User / package 3,360
    Promotion for Renewal- Transferring Account to AquaOrange 5 % discount
    Minimum license order amount Minimum 20 License
    Meeting duration meeting duration
    (Maximum duration allowed per group meeting)
    Attendance capacity
    ( Maximum number of people allowed to attend and participate in a meeting or webinar )
    Recording package
    ( Facilitates 5 GB cloud storage per license )
    1 GB / License
    ZOOM Whiteboard Unlimited
    (Enables users to record, edit, and share concise video messages)
    Team Chat
    ( Easily communicate within your team with instant chat, file sharing, and real-time collaboration features Increase efficiency and cooperation)
    (Dedicated note-taking app allows users to record their thoughts action items and more at a glance)
    Custom Mail Domain
    (Allows organizations to use their own email domains for branded and personalized communications)
    Zoom schedular Yes
    User management
    (Owners and administrators can add, delete, and assign roles and add-on features.)
    ( Run Zoom reports to gain insights into meeting frequency Number of participants meeting minutes, etc.)
    Vote for the poll
    ( Help hosts create real-time polls, collect feedback and responses from participants in meetings or webinars )
    Portal administrator
    ( Manage users in your company in a single account To make billing easier and set up user and data management in the Zoom portal )
    ( Add company products to designated pages) Users can join the meeting. and create an email template inviting attendees in the convenient portal)
    Login in one place
    (Allow users to use their existing credentials for consistent and secure authentication)
    zoom devices

    Video Conference Bundle Solutions

    Gathered in one place Answers for every meeting

    • Optional installation kit
    • Loud and clear
    • Up to 7 microphone pods
    • Flexible microphone pod wiring
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