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Xcitium protects against Ransomeware threats




road safety technology Xcitium ‘s Cybersecurity in Cloud format to secure both internal and external endpoints of the organization.

Endpoint Protection (AEP)

Endpoint Detection and
Response (EDR)

Manager (EM)
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    About us & Xcitium

    AquaOrange Software, we are the official distributor and installer of Xcitium in Thailand.

    We forward the product Through our business partners to various corporate customers Both small and large By giving advice before and after sales. From a team of experts

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    What can Xcitium do?

    High efficiency

    Xcitium provides high performance in data processing.


    Xcitium is reliable in data management and security.


    Xcitium has a highly effective security system to prevent tampering and unauthorized access.

    Xcitium Dashboard

    It has various features that allow users to customize and style the dashboard according to the organization’s needs. You can add or remove widgets such as graphs, charts, data tables, and more according to the user’s needs. It also has features for sharing and accessing information via the website or other mobile devices. This allows users to view and track information anywhere, anytime.

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    Endpoint Security

    Protection against unauthorized access Detecting and protecting against potential threats on endpoint devices and securing data stored on endpoint devices.

    By Xcitium Endpoint Security has a variety of features to provide effective protection and security.

    Help protect endpoint devices and enterprise data from attacks and unauthorized access. and helps administrators control and maintain organizational security effectively


    Xcitium can view and manage applications installed on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Manage patches on Windows devices.

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    • Xcitum License Management 2
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    License Management

    This section allows you to view license details.
    Add a new license Delete a license
    Administrators with appropriate permissions will see subscription notifications such as license expiring in ‘x’ days, and so on.

    Xcitium Excellence In The Industry

    Xcitium’s solutions and services have been recognized by leading industry associations, agencies and analysts.

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    Endpoint Protection

    100% in protection against 0-day malware attacks, inclusive of web and email threats.

    100% in the detection of widespread and prevalent malware discovered in the last 4 weeks.

    cybersecurity award
    Malware Protection

    Xcitium Advanced Endpoint Protection can protect against the unknown file and solves the malware problem

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    Endpoint Protection

    4.3/5 Rating for Endpoint Protection Platform

    83% Recommend Xcitium

    SC awards
    IT and Security Management Platform

    2018 Trust Award Best Managed Security Service

    2019 Finalist Threat Intel Technology

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    Endpoint Protection 60x | Awards in Firewall

    4.2 /5 Rating for Endpoint Protection Platform
    4.3 /5 Rating for Advanced Endpoint Protection
    4.5 /5 Rating for Endpoint Detection and Response

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    Advanced Endpoint Security and Internet Security

    Last test: March 2022
    Recent result: 100%

    2x | 2022 Excellence Award

    Total awards granted: 16
    Product of the year: 2021, 2020


    crn award
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    av lab
    CSL Media Kit 1
    avtest approved endpoint protection

    ZeroDwell Containment

    Prevents unknowns instantly through denying write access privileges of any unknowns

    NGAV & Award-winning Firewall

    Powerful real world antivirus to automatically detect, cleanse and quarantine suspicious files

    Fileless Malware Protection

    Protection against fileless malware payloads that bypass any traditional antivirus

    Virus Scope Behavior Analyzer

    Protection against fileless malware payloads that bypass any traditional antivirus

    Xcitium Host Firewall

    Keep incoming threats out as well steer clear of any suspicious threats going outbound.

    Host Intrusion Prevention System

    Continuous monitoring of operating system activities to detect intrusions before any trespassing can occur

    Verdict Cloud Intel Analyzers

    Real time static and dynamic scans across the cloud, deep web, and dark web for unknowns against your organization.

    Xcitium File Reputation Lookup

    Cross reference any file’s threat reputation against one of the world’s largest whitelist and blacklist threat intelligence.

    Cloud Based Updates

    New malware signatures are consistently delivered through the cloud to ensure both security and optimal user performance.