Make CRM, your own
Once you have adopted CRM for your business, it’s ideal that you modify it to your needs and not the other way around. Zoho CRM is flexible enough to accomodate your business process and allow you to replicate it online. Since, every business is unique we let you build the CRM according to your requirements using the customization features.

Watch CRM work for you
An ideal day of a rep would be – step into the office, fire up the laptop and jump-start with the routine tasks. CRM can automate some of those repetitive tasks and save time for other important activities. With some easy-to-setup automation features, the sales processes can be streamlined and made efficient. Sit back and and plan your next business move while CRM continues to work for you.

Connect, communicate, collaborate

Communication has reached a whole new level and with Zoho CRM you can bring it all under one roof. Be it email, phone calls live chat or social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, all your interactions can be accessed from one place. Your customers and prospects have their presence across multiple channels its best to make sure your business is not left behind and takes strides along with them.

Get it all in one place
When you have so much to do, you cannot waste time looking for your customer’s details in different places. Having them all in a single place, that’s just a click away save a lot of time. You can track a client’s purchase history, go through notes, view past conversations, and check related emails simultaneously. The contextual view lets you cross-sell products and eliminate the time spent on gathering details from different sources.

Enhance the developer in you
Certain software solutions might be used to carry out specific functions and you don’t have to abandon them in order to use the CRM system. With our string of developer centric features- APIs, SDKs, Functions, Widgets and much more you can bring your software into the CRM and manage everything from one place.