Imagine you walk up to your favorite restaurant, ‘Home Made Wraps’, that you frequently visit, and are greeted by the owner with a big smile! He nods at you and gestures for you to take a seat and informs that your order is 5 minutes away. But, wait a minute, when did you place an order? Well, Roger remembers what you like: your made-to-order cocktail and the favorite savories to go with it. You think, it’s just your order he remembers because you visited last week. But, he does that with nearly every second customer who enters his restaurant. Amazing, isn’t it? Remembering every visitor’s preference is quite a feat because sometimes it may take years to understand their needs and get acquainted with it.

But its different with Roger Philips, the owner of ‘Home Made Wraps’, he takes customer satisfaction and engagement quite seriously. For him and his team, the customer is the king and they know to go the extra mile to make sure they understand the pulse of every customer and therefore, build a good relationship with them. They keep track of every customer’s preferences, their customized orders, preferred chefs and in not-so-rare cases their diet restrictions too!

His job doesn’t end here. He needs to be on top of several other transactions like raw material purchase, monthly expenditures, annual growth, and profit tracking too. He must track and value every sale that he makes, so that his annual report doesn’t miss out important details. At the same time, he must make sure that his entire team is aware of the business processes and follows it without any deviation.

Managing every aspect of the business can be made easier with a robust CRM system. It should readily understand the business, unite it with the employees and customers alike and capture the business information such that one gets a holistic view of each customer in real-time.