On-demand & Web-Based
Zoho Desk, an on-demand, web-based help desk software allows your agents to engage with customers and deliver satisfaction in the fastest and easiest way. And because it’s all on the cloud, lesser the cost of installation and maintenance, you could concentrate on your business than on the software itself.

Smart Price
With plans starting at $12/agent for a month, you can expect Zoho Desk to revolutionize the way you support your customers. If your customer support process involves a do-it-all team or your support costs stretch your budget, you can signup for our Free plan that allows you to add 3 agents.

Feature Rich
Zoho Desk is packed with features to increase the productivity of your support agents. You can automate your support process using Workflows. You can also set up customer Contracts, notify your agents, acknowledge your customers and do a lot more. It is easy to get started, effortless to scale, and integrates seamlessly.

Customize Everything
Determine the best page layout, add fields, create tabs, and edit templates. Use our Rest APIs to integrate your help desk with your in-house system or a favorite application.