Backup and restore data

Prevent data loss and enable fast recovery on Windows PCs, Windows Server, Microsoft Office 365, and G Suite.

State-of-the-art protection system

Can protect against Ransomware and Cryptojacking in real time, guaranteeing safety with Block chain innovation.

Compatible with multiple platforms

Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, File Systems (Windows), File Systems (Windows), Mobile Operating Systems

Easy to use

Allows you to backup and restore data from anywhere. By working through the cloud on an easy-to-use template

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    Backup G Suite
    Backup Microsoft 365
    Backup MS Windows
    Backup MS Windows Server

    Design, install Backup & DR Site
    that suits your business

    There is a Backup & DR Site system that is safe and suitable for every business. With the design of the Data Protection system from ThaiPC Support

    Design, install Backup & DR Site
    that suits your business

    Because information systems are constantly changing. Therefore, the system is constantly being improved to meet the needs of customers.
    And there are 100+ new features to ensure our customers that our software is always updated and current.

    All-in-one protection performance

    ThaiPC Support makes it easy for you to manage, maintain and protect your cyber security data. From a single dashboard control page

    efficient all in one protection

    Easy to use, manage and access data

    Nowadays, data privacy and data security are very important in applications.
    ThaiPC Support combines innovative technology. To ensure that your information Only you will see the information.

    Acronis Package

    Cyber ​​Backup Cyber ​​Protect
    Basic Advanced Basic Advanced
    Managed Backup + Free Setup
    Cloud Backup
    Local Backup
    File Sync & Share (Cloud File Sharing) Free 25 GB Free 25 GB Free 25 GB
    Physical Data Shipping: Enabled
    Vulnerability Assessment
    Ransomware and crypto-mining protection
    Anti-malware protection and web protect
    Security controls functionality (Ex. Windows Defender)
    Protection Operations Center
    Data discovery functionality
    Patch Management
    Remote Desktop
    MS Exchange Protection
    Group Management and Plan Management
    50 GB 350 450 450 550
    100 GB 700 900 900 1,100
    300 GB 2,100 2,700 2,700 3,300
    500 GB 3,500 4,500 4,500 5,500
    1,000 GB 7,000 9,000 9,000 11,000
    2,000 GB 14,000 16,000 18,000 20,000
    Above> 2 TB 6 THB x Total GB 7 THB x Total GB 8 THB x Total GB 8 THB x Total GB
    Manage backend service Free Free Free Free