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Zoho Analytics

The modern self-service BI and Analytics Platform

Connect, prepare and analyze your data. Create stunning visualizations of your data. And discover all these hidden insights in minutes.

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“Zoho’s BI platform … combines the capabilities of 27 other companies into a single product.”

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“97% of surveyed users recommend Zoho Analytics”

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“In addition to providing insights based on business data,[Zoho Analytics] It also allows users to search for trends using natural language.”

Convert data to Insights and action in minutes

Turn raw data into insightful reports and dashboards. Follow key business criteria Look at long-term trends Find outliers and predict the future


Connect and mix data from anywhere

Connect to data sources like files and feeds, popular business applications. Cloud and on-premises databases Custom applications and more with our easy-to-use connectors.


Prepare data for analysis

Use our enhanced self-service data preparation and management modules to clean, modify, and enhance your data. and catalog the data you want to analyze.


Augment your analysis with AI

Chat with our intelligent AI assistant. Generate automated insights in just one click. Forecast future trends Analyze knowledge and feasibility Set up smart notifications and more.


Analyze data visually

Create interactive, insightful reports and dashboards with our easy drag-and-drop interface. Use a variety of charts, widgets, Pivot Tables, and tabbed views to display data. your picture


Share insights with everyone

Collaborate with users through secure sharing and granular permissions. Have a meaningful conversation about the report. Bring your conference room to life with slideshow reporting. Tell your story with your business information.


Embedded BI

Low-code, no-code models that are easy to build and embed analytics Or create a corporate analytics portal for your brand. A development platform that can be expanded and customized according to your business needs.

Increase sales and enhance relationships.
With customers to achieve better results.