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Experience creating surveys.

Create a form to share online Get notified instantly and manage your data efficiently with automatic operation This leaves you free to focus on your business while Zoho Forms does all the work for you.

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With over 25 question types and features such as skip logic and answer-based question assignment. You will be able to design the perfect survey. Organize your surveys to match your brand and style with customizable themes.


Quickly share surveys with everyone on your list using email and social media campaigns. Our SSL protection ensures your surveys are secure and private.


Customizable reports help you clearly see response trends and make informed decisions. Analyze data with Google Sheets for deeper understanding.

Zoho Survey Create surveys and analyze results quickly.

Create a survey in minutes. Collect and analyze answers in seconds.

Increase efficiency
Selling, marketing, and customer service with Zoho CRM.

Features that make selling easier Zoho CRM Plus has everything you need to grow your leads. Expand new customer base, increase sales, create customer satisfaction. and measure sales performance

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