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Measure your key website metrics Understand visitor behavior and provide a personalized website experience to drive conversions.

Pin important conversion websites

Whether you want to understand what works well on your website The reason why visitors behave in a certain way Whatever it takes to convert visitors into customers, PageSense has the right toolset for you.


Track your website’s key metrics.

Add a goal Check clicks on your CTAs and design elements. Create a conversion cone graph to see which pages are causing the biggest drop-offs.

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Analyze the behavior of your visitors

Identify the parts of your website that instantly grab a visitor’s attention with Heatmaps. Use session recordings to get real-time video of visitors’ interactions with your website.


Optimize your website for conversions

Test, Learn, Refine, and Iterate. Still in the above-the-fold vs. below-the-fold debate? Run A/B tests and see which works better for your business. Experiment with page layouts Different site elements, images, text, colors, and more.

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Personalize the user experience

Every visitor is different. Their experience on your website should be different as well. Give your visitors a personalized website experience based on their needs.


One-click integrations with a wide range of Zoho and third-party applications. Get a unified site view of data from your website and make more informed marketing decisions.

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