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AquaOrange Software
Zoho Advanced Partner2024-04-26T15:48:02+07:00

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Zoho Advanced Partner

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We are experts in providing Zoho setup, deployment and training services.

As an Advanced Zoho partner in Thailand, we have a Zoho Implementation team. The best and work on Zoho Implementation, Zoho Development and Zoho Integrations projects for various industry sectors. Many in Thailand

Zoho Certificate

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Zoho CRM Certified

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Zoho Analytics Certified
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Zoho Creator Certified
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As a Zoho Advanced partner, we serve all your market segments.

  • As a Zoho implementation partner, we have worked with Zoho Creator, Zoho One, Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk and Zoho Inventory to provide our customers with a complete business management system.
  • As a Zoho partner in Thailand, we use Agile or Waterfall project management tools to deliver the best fit for your needs.
  • We use the Zoho Product suite to manage our IT helpdesk, CRM, business automation. Human resources Sales and Marketing business intelligence and other custom solutions, and we customize Zoho solutions to optimize your business processes.
  • Our Zoho solution includes mobile and web applications to provide all companies with continuous access to their data. Seamlessly connect with teams to take action. Sales activities and help in closing sales quickly
  • Our team of Zoho Business consultants understands business operations and customer needs to Create a flowchart of client-side implementation. and a plan for how to integrate one or more Zoho products.
  • We offer solutions that are implemented and customized to fit our customers’ business processes and needs to Make effective decisions to increase business productivity.
  • We provide training to clients to get the most out of their business with Zoho solutions and products, and provide ongoing support. If the customer needs to make changes
  • And we offer free CRM strategy planning for Zoho customization! according to conditions Contact us to know more.
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    Industries Served
    Zoho CRM Team Members

    Certified Zoho Team

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    Zoho Certified Consulting

    As Zoho Certified Consultants, we provide cutting-edge solutions. To take your business to the next level All you have to do is share your workflow and anything else that might be helpful with our expert advisors. So that they can come up with the best solution.

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    Zoho Implementation

    Because it is a certified Zoho partner with many years of experience. Our developers therefore ensure that you have Error-free solutions , through iterative QA cycles and testing to implement the solution in your business.

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    Zoho Development

    We develop customizations that fit your business workflow more efficiently in ready-to-use Zoho templates . and help you achieve reduced turnaround times and profitable growth in your business.

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    Zoho Training

    Our developers provide the necessary training to familiarize the solution with the solution at the level of administrators and employees during the use of the solution, at a minimum cost. or free of charge It depends on the extent of the training period.

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    Zoho Integration

    We integrate any third-party application for a seamless migration from your existing application to the new Zoho solution of your choice. To manage all your business operations efficiently

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    Zoho Support and maintenance

    Our expert developers conduct multiple iterations of testing before deploying to ensure that what we deliver is bug-free and provides 100% user satisfaction

    Our Case Study

    Build the confidence of new customers as well.
    Zoho Subscription

    As a Zoho Advanced Partner, we are well-equipped to provide seamless management , Zoho customizations , and integrations. And we provide an automated system for collecting, sorting, and recording redeemable customer points. By linking subscription forms on multiple WIX websites with Zoho Subscriptions. By creating a custom connector

    • Industries covered:
      Subscription services industry: Linking your e-commerce subscription forms across all your websites with Zoho Subscription makes it easy to collect. Prioritization Automatic processing of points that can be redeemed by customers and faster response to your customers.
    • Expertise:
      Our technical expertise allows us to integrate and customize subscription forms on clients’ websites. We create secure customizations for administrators and end users. and help expedite the sign-up process to earn redeemable points.

    AquaOrange, as a Zoho Partner, has worked with multiple Zoho Solutions.

    Among the many solutions available on the Zoho platform, AquaOrange, as an Advanced Zoho partner, offers solutions that help you improve your day-to-day business. Our Zoho certified developers provide customization for all solutions. To efficiently align and automate your workflow processes. Among the many solutions, check out some of the Zoho solutions we’ve worked on below.

    Zoho CRM

    Our developers customize Integrate Zoho CRM add-ons and migrate data from your legacy applications to Zoho CRM and help you manage and prevent lost leads. Potential customers or regular customers

    Zoho CRM

    Zoho Desk

    It is a popular support platform that helps businesses Provide first class customer support to clients with the right tools. Analysis features help managers determine operational sectors and increase productivity.

    zoho Desk

    Zoho Analytics

    It is possible to get usable reports and analytics that can be viewed on a single dashboard in real time. This is because our developers successfully implemented the data warehouse in almost no time.

    Zoho Analytics

    Zoho Inventory

    Popular among startups and SMBs, Zoho’s inventory management software helps increase productivity and efficiency in inventory systems through automation. and various businesses It can maintain its leading position among competitors and investors by making smart decisions.

    Zoho Inventory

    Zoho Social

    Get a smart and innovative social media management platform to improve your business and harness the power of social networks. This software improves online presence and helps businesses connect with their target audience.

    Zoho Social

    Zoho Expense

    Zoho Expense is the most widely used online expense reporting software. This simplifies your financial transactions to make quick money in no time. This platform makes approvals easier. Provides fast reimbursement and automatic expense reporting

    Zoho expense

    Zoho Sites

    Zoho Sites is a convenient and foolproof website builder that helps potential customers build great websites efficiently. As an Advanced Zoho partner, we help customers install and provide support in using this solution. It can be used without any IT or coding experience required.

    Zoho Sites

    Zoho People

    Our developers automate all your HR operations by integrating your employee data. and help you track attendance, performance, and manage assessments, and more.

    Zoho People

    How do we work?

    Our Zoho certified developers deeply understand your business workflow. and customize Zoho apps accordingly. Whether it’s sales and marketing Customer service, financial, IT or custom solutions We have Zoho customizations that automate your business efficiently. Every project starts with a detailed discussion of strategy, setup, testing and implementation with complete transparency.

    Want our Zoho consulting services?

    As Zoho Advanced partners, we provide
    For every segment of your market

    AquaOrange, as a Zoho partner, offers a full suite of Zoho solutions to every industry segment, from SMEs to large enterprises in Thailand. We can create solutions for any industry as long as we have the right inputs.

    Bank & Financials
    Real Estate
    solar panel
    Solar Industry
    travel agency
    Travel Agency
    online shop
    Why choose Infomaze for Business Automation

    Why choose AquaOrange?

    • Get Certified Zoho Developers
    • Free Zoho Consultation service Thai & English
    • Our developers & consultants have 5+ years of experience in various industries.
    • Demo presentations can be requested online.
    • Secure your solution by signing a strict NDA.
    • Timely delivery and results focus
    • First-class SaaS software, cloud-based solutions tailored to your business needs.
    • Personalized Zoho solutions to match your business workflow.
    • Updated with the latest features and technology.
    • Solutions that help you maximize your productivity and achieve exponential growth.

    Frequently asked questions

    What is your standard timeline for developing a Zoho project?2024-05-03T15:20:50+07:00

    Zoho development projects can typically take three to seven weeks to complete. However, there is no fixed time for any project. Because it all depends on the size, type, customization, integration, features, and functionality of the project.

    What methodology do you follow to develop solutions? And how can I track my progress?2024-05-03T15:20:53+07:00

    We follow an Agile methodology and once we start working on your project. We’ll keep you informed and update you on everything that’s going on regularly. Thanks to our project management strategy, communication is smooth.

    I have the project requirements ready. Can your team inspect and quote for us?2024-05-03T15:20:56+07:00

    certain. Email us about your requirements. or send information through our web page We will contact you back with a quotation.

    Are your Zoho CRM consulting services free?2024-05-03T15:20:59+07:00

    There is no charge. in counseling

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