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zoho expense

Travel and expenses

Managing travel and expenses
For growing businesses

Experience the convenience of simple travel bookings. Quick expense reports and control costs efficiently with Zoho Expense. Take the first step to revolutionizing the way you manage travel and expenses.

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What Zoho Expense has to offer your business

Traveling Expense

Traveling (Traveling Expense)

Record travel expense reimbursement according to distance. and supports connection with GPS

Field workers can record and scan expenses on the mobile app to reduce paper use and complex tasks. As well as being able to withdraw welfare expenses and control budgets according to departments, projects, categories with an approval system.

Purchase Request

Purchase Request

Requesting to purchase office supplies

Employees can record office equipment purchase requisitions, record expenses by department, and submit purchase requisitions for approval. (Multi-level approval system) and can connect immediately to ERP systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 363 ERP, Oracle, SAGE, etc.

Adcance Expense

Reimbursement of expenses in advance (Advance)

Automatically report all expenses

Employees request advances and control employee receivables to control disbursements. Overdue check and connect to the ERP system immediately (API of the ERP system)


Reimbursement (Reimbursement)

Refund and send notification to the recipient of the money

Reduce waiting time to receive a refund by immediately refunding money to employees via direct transfer and being able to export Bank File.

Mileage Tracking

Mileage Tracking

Set travel rates and control disbursement.

Travel rates can be set according to distance. and can control disbursement according to distance Including connecting to GPS via Mobile Apps.

Analaytics Expense


Analysis of Expense by Project, Category, Attendee, Customer, Budget vs Actual etc.

More than 25 analytical reports on expense, card, travel, spend and refund reports to keep you up to date.

Manage all aspects of a report
Your expenses and business travel


Travel Management

Enhance your travel experience with Zoho Expense. Our platform enables quick and convenient bookings, fare lock-in, expedited visa applications, and midnight notifications, all tailored to your company’s policies. yours:

  • Manage business travel with our powerful booking tool (SBT).
  • Access to all detailed travel management desks.
  • Set up pre-travel approval flows at multiple levels and customize them.
  • Automatically process visa applications, documents, and forms

Expense Reporting

Manual expense reporting is no longer possible. Zoho Expense automates this process from receipt to refund, eliminating manual errors and saving you tons of time. You can also:

  • Allows users to scan receipts to automatically create expenses.
  • Automate expense reporting and approvals
  • Make a refund/payment online
Expense Reporting
Spend Control

Spend Control

Do not let your spending exceed the limit. Set a budget, follow policies, and schedule purchase approvals to ensure that no money is wasted on expenses or unauthorized purchases. Not only that:

  • Create a budget and compare it with actual spending.
  • Set up rules to limit employee spending limits.
  • Streamline the spending process with purchase requests

Audit & Compliance

Zoho Expense’s artificial intelligence-powered fraud detection tools help you better monitor your business expenses and keep you tax-prepared. With country-specific editions, you are compliant with local regulations and rates by default.

  • Carefully monitor expenses and discover fraud with artificial intelligence data.
  • Choose a version that is ready for different tariffs.
  • Track all activities with complete audit details.
Audit Compliance

Zoho Expense is expandable.


Set various expense reporting tasks to automatic mode with features like workflow rules. Custom functions and webhooks


Streamline travel and expense management to your business needs. Create customizations such as buttons, links, and modules as you want.


Segregated departments are a thing of the past. Communicate with employees by role and in an up-to-date manner through chat, comments, and notifications.

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Improve your experience expense report of your employees

By integrating with leading travel systems, human resources management systems (HRMS), accounting and bookkeeping (ERP), and leading collaboration solutions, Zoho Expense makes business processes simple.

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Sit back and relax. While we take care of your expense reporting

Our support team is ready to help you get the most out of Zoho Expense and reduce the hassle of managing your travel and expenses.


Save M ore Time with A u tomated Receipt Tracking

Tired of your business expense receipts?

Zoho Expense helps you automate tracking through features like Advanced automatic scanning To save time and avoid the hassle of manually sorting and tracking paper receipts.

Scan receipts automatically
Scan receipts automatically

Travel Management

Scan receipts automatically
Zoho Expense’s advanced auto-scan feature can read receipts in 14 languages: French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Chinese, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian and create expense accounts for they

Auto-forward receipts from your inbox

Got a receipt for a plane ticket or hotel reservation in your email inbox? Automatically forward these receipts to your custom receipt forwarding address. and convert it into immediate expenses

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Attach receipts from the cloud

Storing your receipts in the cloud is a secure practice. Import it into Zoho Expense and convert it to expenses. Zoho Expense supports importing from Zoho Docs, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box.

Add receipts in bulk

Have products been received from customer visits?
Just add them in bulk and Zoho Expense instantly converts them into individual expenses.


Vouch for your expenses

Approver and finance teams will no longer have to wonder about your spending. Attach a digital copy of the receipt to your expense as proof of your expense.

Vouch for your expenses

Approver and finance teams will no longer have to wonder about your spending. Attach a digital copy of the receipt to your expense as proof of your expense.

Track receipts faster

Stop waiting long for your receipts to be scanned and converted to expenses. Advanced automatic scanning uploads it to Zoho Expense quickly and accurately.



One of my duties is to oversee the AP function and expense reporting is one of the trickiest aspects. Zoho Expense makes it easier with an online platform and phone app that allows users to upload and send data electronically. Additionally, Zoho Expense has the ability to export their data in a more granular format than other desktop and mobile applications including AMEX and Citi. I also like the approval and notification functions this app provides to teams of managers.

Brittany Cisneros
AVP Finance, Impact Floors of Texas LP


What is your standard timeline for developing a Zoho project?2024-05-03T15:20:50+07:00

Zoho development projects can typically take three to seven weeks to complete. However, there is no fixed time for any project. Because it all depends on the size, type, customization, integration, features, and functionality of the project.

What methodology do you follow to develop solutions? And how can I track my progress?2024-05-03T15:20:53+07:00

We follow an Agile methodology and once we start working on your project. We’ll keep you informed and update you on everything that’s going on regularly. Thanks to our project management strategy, communication is smooth.

I have the project requirements ready. Can your team inspect and quote for us?2024-05-03T15:20:56+07:00

certain. Email us about your requirements. or send information through our web page We will contact you back with a quotation.

Are your Zoho CRM consulting services free?2024-05-03T15:20:59+07:00

There is no charge. in counseling

Do I need to provide a deposit for the rental?2023-01-30T17:27:50+07:00

Using documents such as a company certification letter or Form Por.Por. 20 as supporting evidence for computer rental is sufficient, and there is no need to place a deposit.

Can additional programs be installed on the rental device?2023-01-30T17:27:10+07:00

You can install other necessary programs by yourself, or if you want us to handle it, please let us know so that we can assess additional service charges. (Installed programs must be legitimate and licensed.)

Want to rent a computer? What must I do?2023-01-30T17:26:29+07:00

Please provide the model/specifications, quantity of computers, and the rental duration in “daily”, “weekly”, and “monthly” formats for an initial cost assessment. The rental computers will come with licensed Windows 10, MS Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and Eset antivirus software pre-installed and ready for use.

Moving and installing equipment2023-01-30T17:26:05+07:00

AquaOrange provides relocation services, including equipment installation and network setup, to ensure readiness for use at the designated location, with the option for retrieval after use.

If your computer has a problem while using it, what are the guidelines for ThaiPC Support?2023-01-30T17:25:31+07:00

We will have backup machines installed at the rented location at a ratio of 1:10 (meaning for every 10 rented machines, there will be 1 backup machine provided). Additionally, our IT staff will be available to maintain and troubleshoot any issues, ensuring smooth operations without disruption to your work.

Are there IT staff to take care of problems during use throughout the day?2023-01-30T17:24:30+07:00

ThaiPC Support will be responsible for the delivery, relocation, installation (including quality assurance checks to ensure the machines are ready for use), and retrieval of the rented equipment only. If the customer requires IT staff to assist with day-to-day operations, please notify us so that we can assess additional service charges.

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