Nouryon, a global leader in the specialty chemicals industry, sought to optimize its IT support capabilities in its Bangkok office. The company recognized the need for proficient IT outsourcing staff who could provide technical assistance, troubleshooting, and support services in both Thai and English languages. To achieve this, Nouryon engaged with a specialized IT outsourcing provider to deliver trained bilingual IT experts.



Language Barrier

Nouryon’s Bangkok office required IT support personnel who could effectively communicate with both local Thai employees and international stakeholders in English.

Technical Expertise

Finding IT professionals who possess the required technical skills and certifications to address a variety of IT-related challenges.

Operational Efficiency

Ensuring swift response times, effective problem-solving, and seamless IT support to maintain smooth business operations.


The IT outsourcing provider partnered with Nouryon to deliver a customized solution that addressed the specific challenges. The solution included:

1. **Bilingual IT Staff:** Trained IT professionals who were fluent in both Thai and English were identified and recruited to provide seamless communication and support.

2. **Technical Expertise:** The recruited IT experts possessed diverse technical skills, certifications, and experience, allowing them to handle a wide range of IT issues.

3. **Flexible Engagement:** The IT outsourcing provider offered a flexible engagement model, allowing Nouryon to scale IT support resources based on demand.

4. **Onboarding and Training:** The selected IT staff underwent comprehensive onboarding and training, ensuring familiarity with Nouryon’s IT infrastructure and processes.

5. **24/7 Support:** The IT outsourcing team was available around the clock to provide prompt assistance and support, ensuring minimal disruptions.

Implementation Process

The delivery of trained bilingual IT outsourcing staff to Nouryon followed these steps:


The deployment of trained bilingual IT outsourcing staff provided significant benefits for Nouryon’s Bangkok office:


The deployment of trained bilingual IT outsourcing staff enriched Nouryon’s IT support capabilities, enabling effective communication, technical expertise, and operational continuity. By addressing challenges related to language barriers, technical skills, and support availability, Nouryon’s collaboration with the IT outsourcing provider resulted in enhanced IT support services that contributed to the company’s overall operational success. This case study underscores the value of leveraging trained bilingual IT experts to deliver seamless and efficient support in multinational business environments.