Teleperformance Thailand, a leading contact center and customer experience solutions provider, recognized the importance of providing a seamless and efficient work environment for its agents. The company sought a reliable partner to provide rental computers and handle hardware procurement services to ensure optimal performance, scalability, and operational continuity.



Hardware Availability

Teleperformance needed a consistent supply of high-quality computers and peripherals to meet the demands of its growing workforce.


As Teleperformance expanded its operations, it required a hardware solution that could be easily scaled to accommodate an increasing number of agents.

Operational Efficiency

Ensuring that all hardware was up-to-date, well-maintained, and promptly replaced when necessary to prevent disruptions.


Teleperformance partnered with a specialized hardware and IT solutions provider to deliver comprehensive hardware procurement and rental services. The solution included:

  1. **Hardware Procurement:** The IT solutions provider sourced and procured computers, monitors, peripherals, and other hardware components to meet Teleperformance’s specific requirements.
  2. **Rental Services:** The provider offered a flexible rental model, allowing Teleperformance to access the required hardware on-demand without the burden of long-term ownership.
  3. **Scalability Planning:** The hardware solution was designed with scalability in mind, ensuring that additional hardware could be easily integrated as Teleperformance’s workforce grew.
  4. **Maintenance and Support:** The IT solutions provider offered ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and technical support to ensure optimal performance and minimal downtime.

Implementation Process

The deployment of comprehensive hardware solutions and rental services followed these steps:


The deployment of comprehensive hardware solutions and rental services provided significant benefits for Teleperformance Thailand:


The deployment of comprehensive hardware solutions and rental services by Teleperformance Thailand empowered the company to focus on its core business while ensuring efficient and reliable hardware resources for its agents. By addressing challenges related to hardware availability, scalability, and operational efficiency, Teleperformance’s collaboration with the IT solutions provider resulted in enhanced contact center performance and operational continuity. This case study underscores the value of outsourcing hardware procurement and rental services to optimize business operations and resources in the contact center industry.