Shell Corporation, a multinational energy and petrochemicals company, operates a complex network of devices and systems critical to its operations. Recognizing the growing cybersecurity threats, especially ransomware attacks, Shell sought a comprehensive solution that could provide advanced support, proactive threat detection, and a ransomware guaranteed technology platform across its vast network of over 15,000 devices.



Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Shell faced increasing risks of ransomware attacks that could potentially disrupt critical operations, leading to significant financial and reputational consequences.

Support at Scale

With a vast global network of devices, Shell needed a solution that could provide seamless support and security across its diverse and geographically dispersed operations.

Operational Resilience

Maintaining operational continuity while safeguarding sensitive data and systems from ransomware threats was a primary concern.


Shell partnered with an advanced cybersecurity provider to implement the Xcitium Advance solution, offering comprehensive support and ransomware guaranteed technology. The solution encompassed:

1. **Xcitium Advance Deployment:** Advanced endpoint security and threat detection were deployed across all 15,000 devices to ensure protection against ransomware attacks.

2. **24/7 Support:** A dedicated team of cybersecurity experts provided round-the-clock support, addressing technical challenges and providing timely assistance.

3. **Ransomware Guaranteed Technology:** Cutting-edge ransomware detection and mitigation technology were integrated, offering real-time protection against ransomware threats.

4. **Incident Response Plan:** A robust incident response plan was developed to swiftly address and mitigate potential security breaches.

5. **Threat Intelligence Integration:** Real-time threat intelligence feeds were integrated to provide timely updates on emerging ransomware threats.

Implementation Process

The deployment of Xcitium Advance for Shell Corporation followed these steps:


The implementation of Xcitium Advance for Shell Corporation delivered substantial benefits:


The implementation of Xcitium Advance for Shell Corporation showcased the ability to provide robust support, ransomware guaranteed technology, and advanced endpoint security across a global network of over 15,000 devices. By addressing challenges related to cybersecurity vulnerabilities, operational continuity, and technical support, Shell’s collaboration with the cybersecurity provider ensured enhanced operational resilience and protection against ransomware threats. This case study underscores the critical role of comprehensive cybersecurity solutions in safeguarding multinational corporations against evolving cyber risks.