SCG, a global leader in cement and manufacturing material company, recognized the need to enhance its customer service operations to maintain its premium brand image and ensure exceptional customer experiences. The company’s customer service department faced challenges in managing inquiries, support requests, and service interactions efficiently, resulting in delays, inconsistent responses, and reduced customer satisfaction.



Inefficient Inquiry Handling

The existing manual processes for managing customer inquiries and support requests led to delays, long response times, and customer frustration.

Lack of Visibility

isparate systems and tools hindered visibility into customer interactions, making it difficult to track issues, monitor resolution progress, and identify trends.

Inconsistent Support:

The absence of a standardized support process resulted in inconsistent responses, varying levels of service quality, and a lack of accountability


SCG decided to implement Zoho Desk, a cloud-based customer support software, to streamline its customer service processes and enhance efficiency. The solution encompassed:


Ticket Management

Zoho Desk’s ticketing system provided a unified platform for tracking and managing customer inquiries, ensuring no request falls through the cracks.


Workflow automation was implemented to route tickets to the appropriate teams, prioritize urgent issues, and trigger notifications for timely responses.


Knowledge Base

A comprehensive knowledge base was developed within Zoho Desk, allowing customers and agents to access self-service resources and solutions.

Multichannel Support

Zoho Desk enabled seamless support across various channels, including email, chat, and social media, ensuring consistent communication.


Reporting and Analytics

Zoho Desk’s reporting tools provided insights into response times, ticket resolution rates, and customer satisfaction, enabling data-driven improvements.

Implementation Process

The Zoho Desk implementation followed these steps:


The Zoho Desk implementation resulted in significant improvements for SCG’s customer service operations:


The successful implementation of Zoho Desk transformedSCG’s customer service department, resulting in a 23% improvement in efficiency, faster response times, and higher customer satisfaction. By addressing challenges related to inquiry handling, visibility, and support consistency, Zoho Desk empowered SCG to provide exceptional customer experiences and maintain its reputation as a luxury automotive brand. The case study underscores the positive impact of leveraging customer support technology to enhance operational effectiveness and strengthen customer relationships.